Subscription Services Carry Over to Magazines

I am very fond of subscription services.  Largely because I think managing physical things in a digital world is a waste of time, and far less convenient.  Why should I keep a DVD, or CD around to watch or listen when I can get access on all of my devices online?  (or offline)  Magazines is a next logical step for me.

I do find I still enjoy the editorial skills found in a good magazine periodical.  Not all blogs are created equal.  Some are good, but some leave a bit to be desired for content.  This is why I am trying out Next Issue.

Next_Issue___Unlimited_Access_to_140__Magazine_Subscriptions_Free_Trial 2


Next issue give me access to a bunch of magazines I would tend to buy on the shelf periodically.   Not only do I get every issue now, I get a lot of magazines for one low price.  I am paying for the higher tier service at $15 a month to get everything.  They do have a cheaper tier if you want.

I find if valuable to pop in and read a few magazines for the month.  Quite often I would pay $5 for one of these in a store.   Why not get all of them for one price.  I look at this the same way I do music.  I have been a long time Rhapsody subscriber (8 years).  I have not, nor will I, buy media the same way again .

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