Fantastic Podcast Concept – Serial

If you are in to Podcasts, I urge you to check out Serial. This is a weekly podcast put out by NPR.  It covers details of a convicted murderer, who by all counts, it doesn’t seem should be behind bars.  I am still going through the podcast, almost fully caught up now.  I can’t wait for the next one!

The Serial Podcast Website has maps, evidence, etc from the case.  It is a great bit of supplement to what you normally get in a podcast.  This also feels more like a “show” than a podcast.  I liken it to what it must have been like listening to radio shows “back in the day”.



Each episode is roughly 30-60 minutes long.  These are great for my commute.  I am hooked.  It is a different experience for sure.  Go check them out.  Also, it appears they are going to do a Season 2 of Serial.  Content TBD.  I am looking forward to that.