I always send people lists of things I use. Software, hardware, tools, etc.   Then, one day I saw Katie Floyd’s Favorite Things page.. and it hit me.  DUH.  I should keep mine up to date as well.  So, here you go.

NOTE: I am striking through as things change.  It needs updates, but at least you can see where I have moved on with time.

Mac Software

Evernote – For those who know me, this is an app I rave about, and use daily.  I keep meeting notes, tasks and just about everything in Evernote.  It is my paperless system.

Wunderlist – I use this for quick and simple shopping lists that I share with my wife.

Soulver – Great tool for quick and easy calculations.  I am starting to use this now for simple math instead of Excel

Day One – This is journaling software I use on a less than regular basis.  I am new to journaling and just trying it out.

Trello – great for tracking projects, keeping lists, etc

Clean – Keeps my desktop neat and tidy by wiping away files that are on there.

iOS Software

Evernote – this is the iOS version I use daily.

Day One – iOS version of Day One for journaling

Pocket Casts – this is my current podcasting app of choice.  I like the simplicity of use and the ability to quickly skip past sponsored sections.

Rhapsody – this is my streaming music service of choice.  I am biased, I used to work here and on Napster.

Alien Blue – This is my Reddit app of choice.  They are now officially the Reddit app


Drobo FS – This is a great system for backing up files.  It gives you a network share that is redundant, so if a drive fails you, don’t sweat. This is an older version, but look for what they have today for options

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner for PC and Mac (PA03656-B005)
– Just spend the money on the good ScanSnap scanners.  You won’t be sorry.

For the Home

Sonos – This is my home music system.  It is a wireless system for streaming music.  There is nothing that compares on the market.  Just get it.


Pebble Watch – one of the oldest “modern” smart-watches on the market now.  Initially done as a kickstarter project, but has taken off.  I wear this daily.  Lots of custom watch faces I have made for it as well THIS IS NOW Apple Watch.

NextIssue – subscription magazine service.  Access to every issue, every month for a single price.  THIS IS NOW APPLE NEWS+

Rhapsody – My music service of choice.  I was a subscriber long before I had worked there. THIS IS NOW Apple Music AND SPOTIFY


Daily Tech News Show – I have been listening to Tom for years.   The best in the news biz for tech IMHO.

Serial Podcast – I listened to season 1.  good stuff. Can’t wait for season 2

Mac Power Users – Good listens on all things Mac

Ted Talks – too many to link to, but the various short podcasts are always worth watching.  This is one of the few I do on video

iFive for the iPhone – I am hit and miss with this one, but another I do video