I am a Product Manager with a technology background currently working on product strategy.  I am former Sonos, Rhapsody/Napster, Expedia, Microsoft and others.

I’ve long been a fan of technology. I started programming back on a Texas Instruments TI-99 4A, Commodore Vic20/64. I spent some time in the United States Air Force where I served 2 tours overseas. From there, I started writing webpages in 1994, got my first domains up and running and started building sites for others in 1995.

Once I started getting into mobile, that became a passion of mine. I worked on the first “Yellow Pages” on mobile phones in the US and spent years building out mobile applications for all major carriers in the US, Europe and Asia.

After many years programming, I made a switch to Product Management. I have never looked back. This is a fit for me, and one that I love.

I have a deep passion for technology and music.   If you are interested, follow me on twitter for more mobile, music or tech related posts.

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