Quick Update on my digital brain

Why am I writing yet another post?

I am mainly doing this for myself. Nobody really reads my blog, but I do enjoy going back to read what I was doing and why I was doing things.

This is my recent fall back in to Evernote

Evernote is where I put everything, and having that one single place makes it easy to find

me.. over and over I say this, and then forget

So, what happened?

Over the past few years, Evernote has frustrated me. I plan on doing a much bigger post soon, but for now, here is a quick timeline.

  • a few years back, Evernote started having issues with speed, stability, syncing.. and in general, I was just not happy with it.
  • The “Evernote doom and gloom” era started shortly after.
  • I bought in to Internet Hype and started trying to find an alternative. My workflow was too deep and it failed
  • I kept reading the Internet
  • More doom and gloom got me try try and leave. I have tried things like
    • Apple Notes
    • Bear
    • Notion
    • Ulysses
    • One Note
    • NV Alt
    • Workflowy
    • Dynalist
    • Keep

OK.. so I have a problem

Anyway.. the most recent year has been nothing but an experiment. I wanted to document it for my own memory. (and to stop doing this to myself). Trying other systems but not being fully in will never work for me. The benefits of an “all in” system are not just a little better, it makes or breaks the benefit of such a system.

The bulk of the past year has been work, or building out my shop at the house. Trying to find documents, details on phone calls, papers I signed, who a contractor was that I hired.. it was a damn mess. Things were in many buckets. Notes, Evernote, Bear, Google Drive.. ugh.

I needed a way to commit to something. As much as I would love Markdown in Evernote, Bear wasn’t the thing I was looking for. As much as Apple notes was free, and easy to use.. it wasn’t Evernote for me. I could go on and on, but in the end, they each didn’t work for ME the way Evernote works for ME.

You might not use it the way I do. My use has morphed over the years. One thing is for sure, when I am all in on Evernote, I am a more organized person. I could use the help, honestly. So.. future self – quit trying to look at shiny new objects.

My old post about “Sticking with Evernote” from 2016 goes in to details on how I am using it. Still mostly the same today .