Music and technology coming together in a big way for me

Today was my last day at Microsoft.  One of many jobs that has shaped my career.

I’ve been in the tech space for quite some time now.   To be more precise, I have really been focused in mobile for the past 14 years.  My life in mobile started out in 1998 when I was working as a developer on the AT&T Pocket Net Service.. the first yellow pages on phones in the US.   Think back to 1998.. were you using data on your phone?   Most likely not (a reason that product never really took off I guess)   I am pretty sure my family and friends thought I was on crack for wanting to bring mobile sites to cell phones.

It was a long-fought journey to get to today… but for all the pain and lack of glory, I am thrilled with the accomplishments I have made to mobile.  The things users got to do based on work that was done by teams I worked with.  Strategy and planning that ultimately panned out.   As many of you know, mobile is a passion, not for the feint of heart.   If you don’t LOVE it.. and I mean TRULY love it, you will burn out.   It’s a pain.

For the first time in well over a decade I am going to be doing a new job that is not 100% focused in mobile.  Sure, there will be some mobile components to it, but it’s just a portion of what I am doing.   I am heading over to Rhapsody.   WOOT!   I have been a Rhapsody subscriber for nearly a decade.. love the product and I am thrilled to have a chance to work with the team.

I’ll get more details out on @torgerson on Twitter as things get rolling.  It is an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to start.   Bringing my passion and experience in the industry I know.. to learn a whole new business.   I am up for the challenge.  There is something to be said for doing what you love.