Urgent vs. Important work

We have been having this recurring discussion at work lately about the difference between Urgent work vs. Important work.  Understand how this fits in your decision making process is key in my view to being productive, yet understanding the proper interruption cycle when things are not going as planned.  I […]

Twitter Acquires Posterous – good timing for me

If you didn’t read.. Twitter bought up Posterous today.  I gotta say.. it was quite good timing on my part.  Yesterday I started migrating off of Posterous back to my own WordPress blog. Don’t get me wrong, Posterous was great.  I was always torn between running my own WordPress instance, […]

Why I like the new Apple TV

Lots of people are complaining about the new AppleTV and what it didn't bring for features, what they don't like, what they wished it had, etc.  Realizing that Apple did their homework first, to try to hit the mass market, many of us “techies” are not necessarily the target demographic. […]

Blackberry Torch thoughts…

I have to say, it's only been a couple days however, the Torch seems like a complete #FAIL to me.  Sure, I'm an avid iPhone user, but in no way do I see this thing winning over any iPhone or Android users at all.  At best, you'll take a Blackberry […]