Blackberry Torch thoughts…

I have to say, it's only been a couple days however, the Torch seems like a complete #FAIL to me.  Sure, I'm an avid iPhone user, but in no way do I see this thing winning over any iPhone or Android users at all.  At best, you'll take a Blackberry Curve user who hates their web browsing and convince them to stay with RIM for one more contract cycle.  After that, if RIM can't pull some magic.. they are destined for major failure. 


They should really just consider adopting Android across the board and making some good Blackberry hardware, BES server integration, etc.  See if the can't pull it off. 

The discussion we had at work this week was around focus.  RIM is trying to build a new OS, control the hardware and release multiple phones this year.  
Google is focused on the OS innovation and letting the OEMs handle bringing new hardware to market for all of their releases
Apple is focused on owning the entire device, hardware and software.. but only doing one phone per year. 

I think RIM is lost.. and needs to regain some focus badly, otherwise in 12-18 months you will see their marketshare well below 15%

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