Trying out a new backup solution

OK, so I am still struggling finding an offsite backup that I am really happy with.  For the bulk of day to day files, I am happy with Dropbox being an option.  I keep my photos archived locally on my Drobo unit.. but I need that offsite archive.

As of today, I am trying out Arq and Amazon Glacier.  Glacier is ultra cheap for backing up files offsite.  If you want to retrieve them, retrieval is at the expense of money and time.   It takes 4 hours and cost depending on how fast you want to download your backup.  My thought is this, if I am in need of the offisite backup, something went horribly wrong, and the money is worth is.


So, for now I am starting the upload process of pictures.  It could take a few weeks to get it all backed up, but I will keep this posted and let you know how it goes