Social Watch face for Apple Watch

I love using my Apple Watch for quite a few things during the day. Depending on what mood I am in, I switch between the utility and the Siri watchface. The reason for this is just to keep quick access to a couple of apps, and see what I have coming up.

On the weekends, or evenings if we are out, I like to switch to the Apple Picture watch face. I use the one that cycles through my favorites. It is always enjoyable to look down and happen to catch a glimpse of a picture that reminds me of a fun event, or favorite location.

So, here is my idea for a watch face. Have a watch face that can be dynamic based on the people you are in the room with. If I happen to be in the room with my wife and sister in law, allow the watch to find photos with them and me in the photo. I picture this as a very engaging way to bring back memories for people you spend time with.

Imagine not seeing a friend for months (or longer), and when you are together, your watch face is cycling through photos of you and them on a camping trip from years ago. It is a great way to remind you of the fun you have with that person, and a great way to help drive conversation, and a deep connection with them.

Additional Social Sharing

If you have a bunch of friends in the group that have and Apple Watch, an additional feature could be sharing of photos. Picture standing and talking to a friend. You look down to check the time and see a great shot of you and them in Hawaii from 2 years ago. Together you ooh and ahh over the picture until your friend asks for a copy. All you need to do is long-press on that photo, and send to friend. The face recognition could know who that person is, their iCloud details and auto-share the photo.

Anyway, I think it’s a pretty cool concept. Would love to see Apple do something like this.