Digging the Evo…

The HTC Evo has been a great phone so far.. Sure, the battery started out sucking, but it appears to be stabalizing and yesterday I got  a solid 13 hours out of it.  That includes using the tethering option on the bus to work for an hour.. and about 40 minutes on the ride home. 

Top things I like so far.. 

  1. Tethering (without rooting or Jailbreaking).. just being fair.. it works great
  2. True background Apps
  3. Google Navigation (I can't tell you how great this is even over my paid iPhone Navigon.  I do miss the lane assist option.  
Things that are not so good

  1. Battery flakiness.  If I want Flaky, give me a biscuit
  2. Sprint TV not working on WiFi  (WTF really?)
  3. 4G Spotty and Slow coverage.  (it is great sometimes.. most not)


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