Compiled list of links from TwitterBook

UPDATE:  This is a re-post since it was lost in migration.  Original date on this article was 2 May, 2009

This was initially a list ONLY out of Twitter book, as people suggest updates, I validate and add to the list, then I will place the update blow.  * means it is NOT in the book I was one of your typical people who did not “get” Twitter back in 2007 when I signed up . It took me a while but I got there.  Once #TwitterBook came out I was anxious to see what else I could learn.  It was a great read for showing value in what most see as a social toy at best. I had asked Sarah Milstein and Tim O’Reilly about a list of links from their book.  They had compiled a good set of tools for Twitter.   One did not exist, so I will start to compile their list here as well as add to it over time.. for now this is the URLs mentioned in #TwitterBookGeneral Links

Twitter Tools

Trends and Advanced Searching Tools

  • Twist – See and compare trends
  • WhatTheTrend – Find out what is trending on Twitter
  • TwitScoop – Tag cloud of current Twitter Trends
  • Twopular – Popular Trends
  • TweetGrid – Create a Twitter Dashboard
  • Monittor – Realtime live Twitter monitor

URL Shortners

  • 140it – One of the many URL Shortners
  • – Customize and track short URLs (What I use)
  • – Another popular shortner
  • – hints at the underlying domain while shortening
  • – track URLS as well
  • TinyURL – One of the original URL Shorteners

Picture / Video Services

  • TwitPic – Post pics to Twitter
  • yFrog – Share pics from Twitter here too *
  • Twitvid – If you want to share videos *

Scheduling Services

Twitter Themes

Twitter Directories

Twitter Clients


UPDATED June 12th Added yFrog and Twitvid per Dennis