My thoughts on the Apple Watch 1.0.1 Update

OK.  I’ve had a short amount of time with the update, and I have to say I am happy.  I was not unhappy with the watch before, but I was also a forgiving sole when it comes to 1.0 products.  The wife’s watch delivers tomorrow and I am convinced she would not have been as forgiving.

Key things I noticed:

  • Not sure, but the raise to view the watch seems a little snappier.  I was not unhappy before with it, so I am a bad judge there
  • 3rd party apps load WAY faster.   I am seeing apps load in 2-4 seconds now vs. over 10 before.   This is noticeable.
  • Siri does seem a little more responsive.
  • Overall, things just run smoother.  Less glitchy
  • Apple Pay loads faster.  It was not slow before, but seems instant now

What am I still missing?

  • 3rd party watch apps.
    • Yes, I know you want to keep it pristine Apple, but come on, let developers go crazy and sell apps with in app purchase watch faces.  It’ll be a hit
  • The ability for the screen to stay on a touch longer.  Sometimes it seems a bit too aggressive.
  •  A way to do pages of apps.  Your “fancy” app layout engine sucks and puts way too much cognitive load for me to find things.  (let alone understand where you put stuff when I load an app).
    • I think this HAS to be fixed  Go to app pages like the iPhone . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE