WindowsPhone Omnigraffle Templates

I am working on a project at work going through some product concepts on WindowsPhone, seeing what sort of interesting things I can build.  The problem I have had so far is doing mockups.  The PSD files Microsoft gives out are not so friendly.. and honestly, I prefer to use Omnigraffle for my mockups anyway.  Unfortunately there were no Omnigraffle WindowsPhone templates.

I went over to the Microsoft site here…  to grab a PDF they had on their design templates.  I am now trying to re-create these in Omnigraffle.. one by one.  It’s a little slow.. but will be helpful for me when done.

Eventually I plan on creating a Stencil..but for now I am just creating them as individual canvases.  If you are interested in using these. (the pics are just a few examples).. download the attached ZIP file.

Also.. jump over to Microsoft’s site and download their design template ZIP file. It has the font files you will need for this to work right.  They are using a font called SegoeWP. It is a clean metro style font.. and required for the templates to render correctly.

Get the files here:

Give me any feedback you have.. I will be posting updates as I go.
– jeff