IDEA: Auto-create tasks from Apple Notes

I am playing around with the Apple Notes app still to see if I could replace Evernote.  One of the items I love about Evernote is my ability to see recent notes with checkboxes created in them.  There is no way to do this with Apple Notes.  It got me thinking, why are Tasks in Reminders different from Tasks in Notes?

Imagine you are taking meeting notes, and during the meeting you create some tasks that have to be completed.



After the meeting, you currently go back and extract those tasks out manually.  What if the the reminders application had a special note(s) that pulled out tasks for you?   Then, you could use Reminders for your tasks, or automate IFTTT rules into a task editor of choice.


A task is a task in my view. Why wouldn’t I want them in the same place?  It seems like any software creating a “task” could use a common platform and integrate these across the board.   Could someone get to that please?

  • Amit

    Hey Jeff,

    Since you showed me the post you wrote with the Text Expander snippet (@_amitsbajaj on Twitter), I read through your blog and you have some great pieces. With this particular note, I was wondering why you don’t use the “Remind me of this” feature in iOS 9? I do basically entirely the same thing with taking notes for meetings and when there’s an action, I just call up Siri fro the note, say remind me of this and it creates a direct link to the note. From there, I put a date to remind me and it goes into the system.